510 cabin

ARCHDAILY TOP 100 AWARD! by Hunter Leggitt

This year ArchDaily celebrates 10 years since it was first launched in Spanish as Plataforma Arquitectura. To commemorate, we sorted through the thousands of projects that have been published over the years to highlight those that represented a milestone for their time.
— ArchDaily

There's nothing much more to say other than we're extremely excited and honored to be listed as one of the Top 100 in ArchDaily's 10-Year Anniversary Feature.  The 510 Cabin was an incredible project and a truly unique, and amazing experience for us.  We're happy that others feel the same.  Just a small side note....  ArchDaily is the world's most visited architecture website, and based out of Spain (not LA or Denver ;)...  Pretty rad!  Thank you ArchDaily!!  

And thank you Tim Vordtriede for the incredible, whiskey fueled interior shots!


Last Friday the studio headed for the mountains for three days arranging and photographing the interiors of 510 Cabin for a major press release to be announced soon ;-)

Check out these photos from the shoot. Ya, Tim's a pretty damn good photographer!  Who knew?!?  A special thanks to Hans Walør for the great painting.  Looks amazing in the house!