Coachella 2016

SPRING 2016 - WE'RE BACK...DENVER by Hunter Leggitt

We've been entirely caved away for the past several months, understandably since we just up'd and moved our headquarters from LA to Denver around the end of last year.  

Don't worry LA, we're not abandoning you.  We love you, we're still with ya, and have a bunch of projects currently underway on the coast.  We're opening a second office in Colorado to bring the goodness that's really really wanted and needed here.  And it's our home town.  So excited to be back out here getting involved!  But, it's been a crazy past several months to say the least.  We'll properly present ourselves when we have a chance to iron the shirts and broom the dust and demolition.  In the mean time, and to summarize the past several months....

- New Denver HLS office underway in the Cole neighborhood adjacent to RiNo & downtown
- January/February Pop-Up Eagle's Nest Stage in Aspen for the epic BLK MKT & X-Games
- We've officially closed & are underway on a new Five Points real estate development called Two The Pointe (tons more to come on this),

AND... the current icing on the cake and studio's excitement...  SS Biskt underway and in-design for Coachella 2016.  Here's a little in-progress framing design shot for the tree house / front of house for the Do Lab's Big Fish Stage.  If you missed it, here's last year's SS Biscuit we did.   Three weeks to mobilization!  BTW, checking off a Top 10 of ours and gonna be going ape sh!t to none other than the reunion of Guns N' Roses out there in April!!!  Ahhhhhh!

More to come!!