We're moving mountains... literally.  

We've just completed the bulk of the complex site work, grading, and shoring at our Silverlake Nine Small Lot Subdivision project in Los Angeles.  As expected, the earthwork has been quite a tedious process.  But we're on schedule and budget.  Next, we'll be moving quickly into laying foundations and going vertical with framing, starting with the upper three units.  Just hoping El Niño holds tight for a little..

Expect to see some serious action in the upcoming months!

A FORT... 28 YEARS LATER by Hunter Leggitt

In the summer of 1987, my father and I built a wooden fort on a property we own near Evergreen, Colorado.  Last week, I visited the property.  28 years later, this little structure, filled with memories of childhood, still stands.    


We're very excited to officially break ground on SILVERLAKE NINE, our 9-house Small Lot Subdivision with Barth Partners.  This complex, hillside development on the backside of Silverlake Reservoir is one of the largest in the area and has been in the political spotlight since day one.  So it's been quite an effort getting it through design, engineering, entitlements, and permitting.  But we've succeeded, and are now full bore into construction with TNT Simmonds at the helm.  To top everything off, a new Whole Foods just began construction within walking distance!  Sales to be released around Summer 2016.  More updates to come!

COACHELLA 2015 TREE HOUSE by Hunter Leggitt

We're very excited to unveil the maiden voyage of the SS Biscuit at Coachella 2015.  We've always wanted to do a tree house. Why not make it a boat as well?  Given four days on-site to come up with and build this temporary installation, Hunter Leggitt Studio and crew released it's creative fury.  Serving as the Do LaB Stage's front of house, this structure is 100% suspended from branches and floats over the crowd. Special thanks to the Do Lab and our incredible build team listed on the project's page.  Come say hi. Best seats are in the tree house!

Photos:  Daniel Zetterstrom