PHARRELL WILLIAMS AT COACHELLA  Coachella, CA  //  Performance Stage  Under the creative direction of Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine), Hunter Leggitt Studio and Vita Motus Design Studio teamed up with producer Coleen Haynes for the design, fabrication, and production of Pharrell Williams’ headlining stage performance at Coachella 2014.  Photos:  Daniel Zetterstrom    TEAM  Client  //   Pharrell Williams  Producer //   Coleen Haynes  Creative Director  //   Woodkid  Production Design  //  Hunter Leggitt Studio &  Vita Motus
  SILVER LAKE NINE SLS  Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA  //  Small Lot Subdivision Real Estate Development  The Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance adopted in 2006 provided the opportunity for a new typology in the urban housing market; a single family home with the amenities and reduced space requirements of a townhouse or condominium project.  As the architect, and part of the development team for the SILVER LAKE NINE SLS, the studio took a vested interest in the complex site design for this hillside area, along with ensuring neighborhood appropriate livability in this for-sale product.  This 9-house small lot subdivision development in Silver Lake will be an important anchor and architectural precedent for the highly anticipated redevelopment of the Glendale Boulevard corridor.    Design Un Built  - project fully designed, entitled, and permitted by HLS, ownership change with significant design changes resulting in HLS electively exitting project.  Project built.    TEAM  Developer  //  Barth Partners General Contractor  //   TNT Simmonds  Land Use  //   three6ixty  Civil Engineering  //   Delane Engineering  Structural Engineering  //   MOR Engineers
     SS BISCUIT TREE HOUSE FOR THE DO LAB STAGE AT COACHELLA 2015  Coachella, CA  //  Music Festival Tree House Stage Installation  For the Coachella Valley Music Festival near Palm Springs, CA, Hunter Leggitt Studio was invited by The Do LaB of Los Angeles to design and build a temporary tree house, napkin sketch to completion in four days for the stage's front of house.  Inspired by the main stage's design, named the 'Big Fish' from it's whale-like skeletal form, HLS created the SS Biscuit to represent the fabled ship sailing into the belly of the beast.  Entirely suspended from the tree, the structure is supported by 20, impermanent rigged points from branches.  The tree house / boat held the stage's sound and lighting technicians, photographers, and served as the best seats in the packed house.  Photos:  Daniel Zetterstrom    CREW  Production Designer / Project Manager - Hunter Leggitt Lead Carpenter - David Ede Lead Rigger /  Tree House Expert - JP Chapman Assistant Carpenter - Sam Titone Assistant Technical Designer - Fui Srivikorn Assistant Designer / Builder - Laylo Raney Decor / Set Painter - Michaela Devon Kary Set Painters - Shawni Birds, Christy Shaw, Jeffrey Russell Builder - Elliott Shuffle Lighting - Travis Johnson   the Do Lab   Goldenvoice    
  INFECTED MUSHROOM'S 'THE UNVEILING' STAGE  Los Angeles, CA  //  3D Projection Mapped Touring Stage  Hunter Leggitt Studio teamed up with Vita Motus Design Studio and V Squared Labs to help design and fabricate the Israeli psytrance/electronica duo, Infected Mushroom's latest stage spectacle called ‘The Unveiling’. HLS spent 3 months doing the technical design, engineering coordination, and fabrication of the stage. The cutting edge, 3D projection mapped show started it’s US tour in summer 2012, and it's overseas tour in spring 2013.   TEAM  Client  //   Infected Mushroom  Production Designer  //   Vita Motus  Visuals  //   V Squared  Structural Engineering  //   MOR Engineers