FAQ: 510 Cabin

We get a lot of great questions regarding our 510 Cabin project.

So we thought it would be helpful to provide some basic answers to the most common inquiries.

5 family members or 10 guests? How?

2 guests in the master + 4 guests on the bunk beds + 1 guest on the bunk room futon + 2 guests on a pullout sectional upstairs + 1 lucky guest perched above the stairs Alex Honnold-style in the converted loft platform accessed through a secret hatch door in the powder room = 10

Are the plans for sale?

We love that you’re interested. And while it might be fun to make a side business selling project plans so that everyone can go build great architecture, that’s unfortunately not what we do.

We design and project manage custom modern architecture for clientele and for ourselves. If you’re interested in having a custom project designed for you - even if it looks identical to the 510 Cabin - please contact us. We’re here to get creative.

How much did this project cost and how much will it cost me to build?

Great questions. First, we unfortunately can’t disclose project costs and budgets as these are confidential between us and our clients. So sorry!

Our general costing ‘rule of thumb’ currently for the types of custom residence projects that we design is roughly ~$350-$450+/SF for construction hard costs - excluding design fees, engineering, permits, and land. We’ve done this for a long time and found that this approximate cost range is generally sufficient for the type of high quality custom projects and business that we choose to take on.

However this is entirely dependent on what you want in the project, the size, location, and your builder relationships. So this should not be considered prescriptive. And we can and do work outside of these numbers. That being said, if you’re looking for $150/SF, we are probably not the right fit.

We work very hard to understand actual costs early in projects through the Pre-Con phase and make adjustments where needed. And everything is transparent. So don’t just take our word for it. We always recommend consulting with a local general contractor who builds high-end modern for preliminary cost opinions.

If you decide that this type of project could be right for you and your budget considerations, we can help assess all of this criteria specific to your unique project once we start working together.

I’m in love with this project. How ‘cheap’ can we do this for?

We love cabins as much as you do. And while we’d love to be able to provide everyone with an inexpensive solution for small, well-designed architecture, our work unfortunately doesn’t really fit within some people’s definition of ‘cheap’ for a number of reasons.

Similar to the last question and answer, our custom projects are high-end, with high-level finishes and craftsmanship. There’s a lot that goes into our work, with almost every square inch intentionally designed and crafted. And you get above and beyond the value that you pay for.

If you’re looking to do a cool, ‘cheap’ house, kind of like the Instagram ones up on wheels for $100k, we get it. And you certainly might be able to figure that out somehow. And we wish you the best of luck.

Shipping containers or Pre-Fab?

These are internet myths. We think they are hilarious. And unfortunately they’re simply not true. The 510 Cabin is standard wood frame construction, built by people. Not machines.

This FAQ helped clarify what I might expect. And I want a project like this! What are the next steps?

Please contact us. Let’s get creative.