SL.09 Small Lot Subdivision in the Los Angeles by Hunter Leggitt Studio. Silverlake Real Estate Development.


Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA | Small Lot Subdivision Real Estate Development

This 9-house modern small lot subdivision development in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles is intended to become an important anchor and architectural precedent for the highly anticipated redevelopment of the Glendale Boulevard corridor.

Acting as design architect, project manager, and development partner, the studio spent over 3-years directing and managing the design and engineering, subdivision and entitlements, and all permit approvals for this complex hillside infill project.

Design Un Built - an ownership change after permit approvals resulted in significant design changes and reductions. Alternate project built without studio’s involvement electively.

Client - Barth Partners
Project Manager - Tim Vordtriede
General Contractor - TNT Simmonds
Land Use - three6ixty
Civil Engineering - Delane Engineering
Structural Engineering - MOR Engineers
Visualization - Manolo Langis


SL.09 Small Lot Subdivision preliminary concept design in the Los Angeles by Hunter Leggitt Studio. Silverlake Real Estate Development.

What is a Small Lot Subdivision?

The Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance adopted in 2006 provides the opportunity for a new typology in the urban housing market; a fee-simple single family home with the amenities and reduced spatial and setback requirements of a townhouse or condominium project. And with little or no complex and expensive HOA requirements.

Applicable on properties zoned for larger multifamily and apartment projects, the studio feels that when thoughtfully designed, this type of for-sale product can be very beneficial to cities and urban environments by providing needed density increase while also ensuring home ownership and vested interest in neighborhoods.